Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My blog is going places

I started this blog to tell everyone my story. The injustice of me losing my sons, and the continued stigma that I have had to deal with in this corrupt county. I know my county is not the only one like that. I knew that there was corruption throughout the world that just hadn't been brought to light. What I didn't know when I started this was that there was also corruption as far as domestic infant adoption goes. I was blind. I had believed that the view we are given of adoption is the truth. That sometimes parents for some reason, don't want the child they created. So they call an adoption agency and sign this paper saying, "I don't want this baby" and the baby is placed with people that do want a child. Yeah naive me.... Bought the whole thing. Let me tell you what I have found out since I started really looking into adoption, and how it is really done. And if you still have these beliefs like I did, let me shed some truth into your world.

Women are coerced out of children that they want. They are told they are not good enough, and they are not told of all the ways they can get the support they need to raise their child. So they are told about this awesome thing called adoption and promised so much like visitation and knowing your child throughout their life. Until the paper is signed. Then they learn that none of that is true. It's not legally binding. Because you are now a legal stranger to the child you gave birth to.

Then there are the mothers that for some reason, truly do not want the child. I don't know what could make a woman feel this way, but that is her and her business. If she doesn't want the child, I don't feel she should have to raise the child. What I do have a problem with is when she takes that decision away from the father too. If you don't want your child, give him/her to the father and let the father do it. There is something very wrong in the fact that a mother can do this and the father is left to fight for the right to raise his own child. Those are the cases I am reading right now.

So where is my blog going? My fight for motherhood is over. There is nothing I can do to change what happened to me. Nothing I can say that will matter at all in what happened to me 14 years ago. But I can be a voice for the ones fighting now. The ones fighting for the right to raise their child. I started with Veronica Rose Brown. I will continue with others. And try to keep everyone informed of the facts. And also let everyone that reads here, know my opinion on such matters. I am currently reading the cases of Anthony Lingle and the fight for his daughter Hailey. You can read about it too. On facebook at Bring Hailey Home or at www.bringhaileyhome.com. I am also reading about Rob Manzanares and his fight for his daughter Kaia. You can read his story at www.illegaladoption.com. I will continue to read the stories, and write what I learn. I hope you go too and support these fathers in their fight.