Friday, July 3, 2015

Parental Alienation

For those of you who feel a need to read my blog and try to find bad things in it, to use against me, good luck.  But this is one post you should definitely read and pay attention to. Print it out if you want. Or ignore it, which is more likely. But you should know this anyway. Parental alienation is child abuse. It isn't something that is punishable by law yet. Hopefully one day it will be. Because no child should have to endure it. But it is a crime that will be punished by the children themselves.  When the children get older and see how much they are loved, and how much they are missed.  When they see that they were kept from the other parent out of pure selfishness and hate. When they grow up and figure out that they missed out on so much because one parent is so worried about what the other parent is doing, that they use the child as a weapon.  You aren't going to be in control forever. They won't always be babies. One day they will have a voice. And it will be detrimental to the bond you now share.

For anyone that wants to know,  I love my children. My boyfriend loves his son.  And we will continue to fight for the rights we have to be involved in our childrens lives. We won't let the lies you tell tear us apart. And we won't let them stop us from being with our children. That is a fight we will never give up on.  And it's one no parent should have to fight.  How do you think your children are going to feel when they know what's going on? Look around you. You know people that have been there.  Where are they now? Look at my boyfriend and his mother. There is no relationship there because of the way she did this same thing to him and his dad. Do you want that? Parents can love more than one child. When will parents understand that kids can love more than one parent?

I have always encouraged my children to love everyone. And I have defended people who I shouldn't have had to defend,  to protect my children's love for them. Everyone always came to me to keep their kids, or help with problems their kids were having.  And now all of a sudden everyone has decided I shouldn't be around kids. Why? Because you think we shouldn't be together? Because you think people should stay in unhappy and unhealthy relationships because you want them to? That doesn't make sense to me. Especially when one of you spends your entire marriage cheating. Constantly complaining about the husband you can't stand and your kids can't stand.  The only joy you get out of life is being wrapped up in everyone else's drama. Get a life and let the parents that should be raising these children, raise them. It's not your concern. If you do care about the kids, let them be happy with both of their parents.  They don't have to be together to raise a child.