Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Part 2 Of The Fight

As I mentioned in the last post, I made a big mistake leaving my "mess" until the morning. I was awakened by someone banging on my door. I get to the door and meet a Guardian Ad Litem with a court order granting her access to my home and my children. She walked into "a disaster". Her words. She called DFCS back out, took pictures, and informed me she would see me in court.

A couple of days later, I get a subpoena for court. It states that they are trying to remove my son, as this home is not a safe one for him. DFCS came back out and asked that I voluntarily submit to a psychological evaluation, to which I declined. They offered me parenting classes and counseling, which I also declined.

I get to court, and meet the judge. She knows me. Too well.... She was the attorney that woke me up in the hospital years ago. She is the woman that took my sweet C away from me. She went into this case knowing that there was a conflict of interest, but she didn't care. I asked her to use the books I had brought with me, and have J2 do some work in them, to show that he is learning. She refused. We listened to all of the evidence about my "filthy house" and saw the pictures. We heard how he had missed 8 days in a month in public school. And we heard that I refused to take a psychological. And we heard how I refused the "help" that they offered me.

Then we listened as the judge said...."Based on my past history with Ms. F, she will not do anything unless made to, so I am ordering, counseling, a psychological, and parenting classes. I also must do as the psychologist suggests, whether that be medication, or returning my son to the public school system, where he can "truly" be taught.

So over the next few months I did a lot. I realized that I wasn't going to win with just letting things happen. I started doing all of my communication with DFCS through email, as they like to twist words when they are on the stand. If they insisted on a phone call, I made sure to follow up with an email detailing everything that was said. I emailed the company doing my family therapy and parenting classes, as they were unable to begin services, due to the fact that DFCS was not responding to their requests for the appropriate paperwork needed to begin the services. I requested a new social worker, stating that I felt it was unfair that I was the one accused of not following through on anything, and would be sure to bring it to the courts attention that I had tried and couldn't because they dropped the ball. We had to go back to court in 6 months. And here it was at 4 months, and I had gotten ABSOLUTELY NOTHING accomplished.....

I had to search and find the psychiatrist that was to perform my psychological. She had been trying to get DFCS to send her my number so she could set up the appointment. Once she was given the wrong number, and after that her requests were ignored.

I called an independent testing facility to have my son tested to see where he stood on his education, since they didn't want to see any of his work.

I finally got everything going. Parenting classes, family therapy, and a new case worker. I also had my appointment for my psychological. All of this which takes time, and should have been completed months ago. And it is just getting done, two weeks before court. My psychological would take 3 weeks to evaluate and get written up for the court.

Keep in mind that I have all of this "proof" in emails, to all of these people. Including emails from the family therapist and the parenting class teacher telling me that they don't find anything wrong to work with me on. So they have no idea why I am using their services.

I see the psychiatrist that DFCS has chosen to do my evaluation, and she tells me that I will be given an IQ test to see if I am qualified to teach a second grader. I inform her that although I know it is against my rights, I will take her test, and I also offer the results of my sons testing. I also tell her everything that has happened, in the past and now.

I have to take a small break and then I will post the outcome of all of this. Thank you for sticking with it this long.

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