Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Beginning Of The 6 Month Battle

When DFCS knocked on my door (and I was dumb enough to let them in) my son was laying in the living room floor, doing his math work. :) I had not learned enough from my first battle apparently, as I thought that since the charge was educational neglect, what better way to disprove that than have her "catch us" doing school? Perfect timing!!!

She talked to J2 about his school and what he was learning. I had no problem with that. It can only help, right? Then she starts asking why I have a coffee table in my living room that is dangerous for a baby.... The table is granite topped and very dangerous, I know that. That is why I had already told my fiance that it would need to taken out of the house when A started crawling, and we could put it back in when she was older. (He made it by hand, so it is something we won't throw away.) Anyway, I explained this to the worker. She also mentioned that my "clutter" on the tables was hazardous to the baby. She may pull something down and hurt herself. Let me point out now, that my clutter was papers, and the baby at this point is only 5 months old, and not even crawling yet. Anyway, she says she will come back next week, to make sure I have taken the coffee table out and cleaned the clutter and she will close the case. She came back, everything was done, and she said she would get on writing the letter to close the case.

A week later my fiance's mother is put on life support. She is in Mexico and my fiance and his siblings have not seen her in years. My fiance last saw her when he was 18. He is now 34. They didn't expect her to make it through the night. (She did make it that night, but passed away a week later.) All of the siblings here in the US, and their families came to my house. There is my fiance and 4 siblings. Each of them are married and have children. I made coffee and had cookies out for all of the company. We had a phone on speaker phone here, and one in the hospital in Mexico with the other 9 siblings and the mother. We said prayers, we talked, we discussed what was going on. The company finally left our home around 2AM. I was tired, emotionally drained, and my fiance needed me. I looked at my kitchen full of dirty coffee cups, packs of cookies open on the kitchen table, and decided I would take care of it in the morning. I went to bed to hold my fiance while he cried. Big mistake.

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