Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Final Part Of The Fight

I explained everything to the psychiatrist that DFCS had chosen. I gave her all 7 doctors excuses for when my son had missed school. I also gave her  a copy of the police report as an excuse for the 8th absence. I also gave her Joshua's test results. He was testing on 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade levels in the 2nd grade. I also completed my IQ test.

She stayed up late at nights, and focused solely on my case to get her report written up in time. She also advised me to have my lawyer get a copy and give it to me. As my lawyer had a right to "evidence", but I didn't. So I did that. And we went to court.

Her recommendations.... I was slightly depressed due to having nightmares about my past. She felt that my depression would be gone as soon as DFCS was out of my life. Although there will always be depression as I don't have my two oldest. No counseling will fix that. I am not only capable of teaching my son, but I should, as the public school system failed him. They placed him in an age appropriate class instead of an intellectually appropriate class. He is way ahead of his peers, all thanks to my teaching him at home. I am a very grounded woman, and mother, and she feels that the best place for my children are with me. And the best shot my son has at an education, is in my teaching.

I was thrilled!!! She also gave me the advice that if I ever chose to place J2 in public school again, go and have him tested, and mark out anything stating his age. Take the results to the school and ask them what grade they would place him in and make them do that, no matter his age. (He will not be going to public school, if I have my way.)

The judge closed the case with this wording, "Ms. F has rectified the causes of neglect". I emailed DFCS stating that I did not like the wording as it implies that he was neglected and I fixed it, when in actuality, he wasn't neglected to begin with. She emailed me back and said she knows that he wasn't neglected, but that was the only way the judge would write it.

I kept that email. I have kept all of this. I also keep anything that I MIGHT need in the future. I do not trust the county that I am in. I have had one more visit from DFCS 5 months after the case was closed. I sent my son inside, I told her that I had nothing to discuss with her. I told her that she could come back with a court order, but make sure it is good, because if they continue to harass me, I will be filing a lawsuit. I have not heard anything else. That was 2 months ago. I am just hoping that it is truly over now. But I will continue to put a little money away every month, for my emergency lawyer fund.

In the meantime, I start teaching my son school again next week. And I am going to start teaching my sweet baby girl, too. Let's see how smart she can get. lol I love my job as a mom and a teacher.

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